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“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer”

We are collecting for you as many sites as possible which will cover everything “travel” from travel news and travel blogs through to travel tips which will doubtless include information on such topics as travel insurance. There will be information on booking cheap flights, booking cheap hotels; last minute flights and last minute hotel deals in budget hotels, serviced apartments or vacation rentals. We list the best tour operators for the vacation of your choice whether you are looking for serious adventure travel or perhaps you are looking to take in one of the many London shows – not to say that the London Underground is not another form of adventure travel! And if City Breaks are your thing, we list hotel finder facilities for your ideal accommodation  from hostel to holiday rental vacation rentals. And recognising that travel is not always leisure, we list some of the best travel sites to help you with your business travel stays.

We would like to think that we have thought of every aspect from business travel to leisure travel: resorts. sport, events and conferences to basic travel tips and advice.

Travel advice and tips. All category listings: adventure travel, business travel, leisure travel, vacation rentals, cruises, safaris, travel insurance, travel agents, tour operators, visitor guides and travel guides, travel blogs, travel news & technology.

The website database is organised according to the services and material available on each company website and may involve inclusion in more than one category. Sometimes the services are specific to a particular country or region and are sometimes global. Sometimes the region is a town, city or region. For this reason, there is sometimes some inconsistency in listings but a general search of the database should generate accurate results.

Some of the most popular current travigator searches include:

Best Travel Sites:

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And apart from the all-important flight tickets, the great growth areas in travel point to the increased popularity of more frequent but short-stay city breaks with vacation rentals continuing to make a more than significant impact on the hotel and hospitality sector as the millennial generation chooses to live life like a local.

If you are a website owner, why not opt for a lion’s share of the traffic? Premium listings will include a clickable link to the website. All other listings will display the website url which you can copy and paste into another browser tab.

We hope you enjoy the journey!

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